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These days there are many sources where classical music lovers can get their hit of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, et al, including streaming services and physical media. But another source is what might be called “curated” radio programs. The DJ doesn’t just announce what’s coming up next but gives some background about the music and strives for some variety of offerings throughout the day. Plus you don’t have to know in advance what music to search for—the DJ will surprise you, many times with interesting music you may never have heard before or an ensemble or interpretation that is out of the ordinary.

A distinct subset of classical music lovers is pipe organ aficionados. And the number and variety of instruments world-wide that they like to hear and discuss is mind-boggling. And yet these folks are not served very well by radio stations. Even the big ones like WFMT in Chicago or the BBC will play only a few organ pieces throughout the year (usually on a Bach birthday anniversary or a brief piece on a morning drive program). And the selection on streaming services like Spotify is very limited, including the pieces offered and the instruments on which they are played.

In this environment, “King of Instruments” on Classic 107.3 provides a unique and valuable service to pipe organ fans, especially those who are not internet savvy. For one thing it is curated by Mark Scholtz and Bill Stein, both of whom are professional organists and deeply knowledgeable about the history and construction of pipe organs. In addition, they play recordings of a wide variety of instruments (many of them in out-of-the-way locations) that would be otherwise unavailable to even the most avid collector. And the programming is similarly varied. One hour might be devoted to a particular organ builder; another to, say, a woman composer; another to music written for a celebratory occasion like a holiday; others on a particular theme or composer. All of it is smoothly produced with detailed playlists and excellent sound reproduction.

This is a unique and finely-crafted program that I hope will continue to be supported. – John Huxhold, Contributor to St. Louis Post-Dispatch